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CITY UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG : AP1200 Foundation Physics Session : Semester B, 2005 – 2006 Time Allowed : Two hours This paper has Five Five pages. (including this page). Instructions to candidates : 1. This paper has TWO sections. 2. All questions carry equal marks. 3. Attempt all Fourteen Fourteen questions in section A. 4. Attempt Four Four Out Out Of Of Six Six question in section B. 5. Show all working on the note papers. Non-programmable portable battery operated calculator.
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Section A (Answer ALL Questions) 1. A girl sits upright in a car that is moving to the right at constant speed. The girl extends her hand and throws an apple straight upward (from her own point of view) while the car continues to travel forward at constant speed. If air resistance is neglected, will the apple land behind the car? What if air resistance is not neglected? 2. Is it true that the energy of the interference waves is destroyed when destructive interference occurs? 3. What types of wave motion can propagate in (a) solids, (b) liquids, and (c) gases? 4. A balloon is negatively charged by rubbing and then clings to the wall. Does this mean that the wall is positively charged? Why does the balloon eventually fall? 5.
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This note was uploaded on 01/11/2011 for the course AP 1200 taught by Professor Michela.vanhove during the Spring '10 term at City University of Hong Kong.

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ap1200exam06 - CITY UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG Course code &...

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