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Quiz 1 Answer 1. A girl sits upright in a car that is moving to the right at constant speed. The girl extends her hand and throws an apple straight upward (from her own point of view) while the car continues to travel forward at constant speed. If air resistance is neglected, will the apple land behind the car? What if air resistance is not neglected? Answer The girl throws the apple straight up from her own point of view with initial velocity V oy . But when viewed by someone on the ground, the apple also has an initial horizontal component of velocity equal to the speed of the car, V ox . So to a person on the ground, the apple will follow the path of a projectile. If air resistance is neglected, V x will stay constant and equal to V ox since there is no horizontal acceleration. As the apple follows its arc, the car will be directly under the apple at all times because they have the same horizontal velocity. When the apple comes down, it will drop right into the girl’s hand. If air resistance is counted, V
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