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AP1200 Quiz 5 Student Name ____________________________ Student ID ___________________ 1. The figure is a composite of three snapshots, each of a wave traveling along a particular string. The phases for the waves are given by: (a) 2x-4t, (b) 4x-8t, (c) 8x-16t. Which phase corresponds to which wave in the figure below? Answer (a) (2x-4t) corresponds to wave 2 (b) (4x-8t) corresponds to wave 3
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Unformatted text preview: (c) (8x-16t) corresponds to wave 1 2. A wave (wavelength = 0.20 m) is traveling along a 100 m long wire whose total mass is 10kg. If the wire is under a tension of 1000 N, what is the frequency of this wave? Answer The frequency of the wave is f = v/ λ . The velocity is: s m v / 100 100 / 10 1000 = = , so frequency f = 100/0.2 = 500Hz...
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