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Quiz9Optics1Answer - The third image is formed at I3 which...

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AP1200 Quiz 9 Student Name ____________________________ Student ID ___________________ Two plane mirrors are at right angles to each other as shown. An object is placed at point O. (a) How many images will be produced? (2 points) (b) Locate the positions of these images (sketch a diagram). (4 points) Answer (a) Three images will be produced. (b) The image of the object is at I1, in mirror 1 and at I2 in mirror2.
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Unformatted text preview: The third image is formed at I3, which will be considered to be the image of I1 in mirror 2 or, equivalently, the image of I2 in mirror 1. That is, the image at I1(or I2) serves as the object for I3. When viewing I3, not that the rays reflect twice after leaving the object at O. O Mirror 1 Mirror 2 O Mirror 1 Mirror 2 I1 I3 I2...
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