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EE2000 Assignment 3 (2006) 1. Use implication table methods to obtain a reduced state table with minimum number of states from the following state table. NS/Output PS x=0 x=1 A D/0 F/0 B D/0 A/1 C D/1 B/0 D C/1 E/0 E D/0 F/1 F C/0 G/0 G D/0 F/0 H E/0 G/1 2. Find the state diagram and the function of this circuit shown below. w x a b D Q clk CLR 3. Derive the state table and state diagram from the circuit shown in the figure below. Describe the operational problem of this circuit. 0 1 2 3 MUX 0 1 0 1 2 3 MUX 0 1 Q T Q T Q 1 Q 0 0 x 0 0 1 x x x clock
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4. A serial data line is connected to an input of a synchronous sequential circuit. This circuit is used to count the number of 1 s of the latest three consecutive bits received from the serial input x . This circuit has two output bits y 1 y 0 to represent the number of 1 s. The following table shows the state assignment of this counting circuit. The three-bit state assignment represents the three consecutive bits received and the leftmost digit represents the latest binary data received from the serial input
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Unformatted text preview: x . State Assignment State Assignment S0 000 S4 100 S1 001 S5 101 S2 010 S6 110 S3 011 S7 111 a. Use Moore machine to design a state diagram that describe the operation of the counting circuit. b. Tabulate a state table from (a). c. Use JK flip-flop(s) and other necessary logic gates to design the counting circuit. Circuit is not required. d. Devise a simple circuit from the output circuit of part (c) to produce an even parity bit according to the received three consecutive bits. 5. A sequential logic circuit with one input and one output is used to stretch the first two bits of a 4-bit sequence as follows: Input, x Output, y XX 00 00 1 XX 00 11 1 XX 11 00 1 1 XX 11 11 The circuit will ignore the third and fourth bits of the input sequence. After every four bits, the circuit resets. (i) Draw a Mealy machine to describe the behavior of this sequential circuit. (ii) Obtain a state table for the circuit (minimum of 7 states)....
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2000-a3-06 - x . State Assignment State Assignment S0 000...

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