Tutorial9 - EE 3008 AD and DA Conversion Tutorial Questions Q1 The signal m(t = 6sin(2t volts is transmitted using a 4-bit PCM scheme The quantizer

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EE 3008. AD and DA Conversion Tutorial Questions Q1) The signal m ( t ) = 6sin(2 π t ) volts is transmitted using a 4-bit PCM scheme. The quantizer is of the midriser (see lecture note pages 17-19 or Heykin page. 375), with a step size of 1V. Sketch the resulting sequence of quantized samples for one cycle of the input. Assuming that the sampling rate is 4 samples per second taken at t = ± 1/8s, ± 3/8s, ± 5/8s, ± 7/8s . .… Use the following codebook 0.5 0000 -0.5 1000 1.5 0001 -1.5 1001 2.5 0010 -2.5 1010 ... 4.5 0100 -4.5 1100 5.5 0101 -5.5 1101 ... Q2) A TDM system using PCM is used to multiplex several signals over a common communications channel. It is found that a minimum interval of 1 µ s must be allowed for reliable identification of bits at the receiving end. If the bandwidth of each signal is 3KHz and the quantization level is 16, calculate the approximate number of signals that can be multiplexed. Q3) A band-limited signal has a bandwidth of 10Hz centered at 18Hz as shown in the figure
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