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Hong Kong Department of Electronic Engineering Foreword All the experiments in Laboratory EE3008 will be performed using Lab-Volt FACET Series 91000 Electronics Training System which employs the latest instructional technology by means of an advanced computer assisted configuration with the help of a PC and relevant interactive lesson software. This computer assisted configuration provides a powerful computer based delivery system used to deliver different technical subject matter, (for examples, analog and digital communication in this laboratory course), combining theory and application with practical skills training techniques. FACET Electronic Training System Features of the FACET System Each training course in the system connects with a required base unit that distributes power to the circuits. A complete training station consists of training hardware (a plug-in circuit board plus a base unit and accessory kit), instruments, computer based course-ware. Different plug-in boards are used for different training contexts. Two different plug-in boards, namely Digital Communication Board 1 and Digital Communication Board 2 , are used to complete all the scheduled experiments in Laboratory EE3008 course. Analog Communication Board Computer-based courseware replaces the traditional manuals with added features of interactive tutorial activities and practical exercises, computerised book mark, on-line calculator and extensive graphics. It also features mouse support, various levels of on-line context sensitive help, including math help, and much more. The computerised system also functions as a powerful classroom management tool. Student progress and performance data is collected by the computer as the student completes computer administrated unit exercises, quizzes and test. The data is retrieved by the laboratory supervisor, via floppy disk (current stage) or through a standard network (next stage). This assists the laboratory supervisor to monitor and review individual and class performance. EE3008 Introduction
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This note was uploaded on 01/11/2011 for the course EE 3008 taught by Professor Pingli during the Fall '08 term at City University of Hong Kong.

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Experiments EE3008 - City University of Hong Kong...

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