Project - PJ-1City University of Hong Kong Electronic...

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Unformatted text preview: PJ-1City University of Hong Kong Electronic Engineering Semester B 2007-2008 EE3108 Engineering Analysis Project: Optical Wave Propagation Deadline: 5:00 pm, 5 May 2008 (Room G6354) Please put down your name, university ID, and the time-slot of your tutorials. This is an individual project. Discussions among classmates are encouraged, but plagiarism is strictly prohibited. This project is a crucial part of the course. We investigate the numerical calculations of optical wave propagation. The problem involves solving a partial differential equation (PDE). The results demonstrate the effects of diffraction of optical wave. I. IntroductionElectrical engineering is centered around the applications of electromagnetism. The laws of electromagnetism govern a wide range of phenomena. These laws are summarized in the famous Maxwell&s equations. In free-space, the solution to these equations is called the electromagnetic wave. Electromagnetic waves are classified according to their frequencies such as radio wave, microwaves, millimeter waves, and optical waves. Each of them was eventually developed into a sub-area of electrical engineering. II. Problem descriptionThis project investigate the effect of diffraction of electromagnetic waves, particularly, the optical waves. Figure 1 shows a light beam from the source propagates towards the z-direction as a plane wave. Upon hitting a semi-transparent structure at the plane of z= 0, the size of the beam is limited and the wave starts to diffract. We are interested to find out what happens to the wave for z= 0 to L....
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Project - PJ-1City University of Hong Kong Electronic...

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