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EE3110 Analogue Electronic Circuits Test Name/Student ID Α β Α β Α β Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 1 What is the feedback topology of figure 1? a) Voltage-voltage b) Voltage-current c) Current-current d) Current-voltage 2 What is the signal for the feedback topology shown in figure 2? a) Input is current, output is current b) Input is current, output is voltage c) Input is voltage, output is voltage d) Input is voltage, output is current 3 What is the amplifier type for the feedback amplifier shown in figure 3? a) Voltage amplifier b) Current amplifier c) Transresistance amplifier d) Transconductance amplifier 4 What is the feedback type for the feedback amplifier shown on figure 2? a) Voltage feedback b) Current feedback c) Transresistance feedback d) Transconductance feedback V CC i/p i o Figure 4
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