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EE3110 Bonus Question 1-CC Amplifier-2008

EE3110 Bonus Question 1-CC Amplifier-2008 - frequency In...

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EE3110 Bonus Question 1: Due on Tuesday 16 th  September, BEFORE  the  start of lecture. R 1 C 2 C 1 V C C v L v S R L R C R E R S Determine the voltage gain, input resistance and output resistance of this  common-collector amplifier using the approximate  π  model only. You can  assume that operation is under small signal conditions, at a.c. and at mid-
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Unformatted text preview: frequency. In your answer make sure that you include the following, a) Draw the small signal equivalent circuit stating the conditions and reasons clearly. b) Indicate clearly what voltage gain you are determining. c) Indicate clearly where you are determining the input and output resistance....
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