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Name: ________________________________ Group Number: ________ Exam 2 Directions: *** PLEASE READ*** No talking once the exam is handed out. At the top of this sheet, print your name and assigned group number for this exam. Cell phone and/or other electronic devices need to be turned off and put away. Only your pencil and calculator should be on your desk. Cell phones, and other electronic devices are not allowed to be used on the exam . A calculator may not be shared . The answer sheet will be machine graded; please handle it in a careful manner . On the answer sheet, use a soft #1 or #2 pencil to bubble in your name (last name first), your ID number and your answers to the multiple-choice questions. Enter all answers on the front of the answer sheet provided but do NOT make extraneous marks on the answer sheet. Use the test paper for scratch work. Answers must be on the front side, i.e., the side with space for your name and identification There are 22 multiple choice questions. Each is equally weighted. There is only one acceptable and gradable answer for each multiple choice question. No credit will be given if more than one answer is bubbled in. Remember, with multiple choice questions, there might appear to be several good answers. Select the best answer . Read through all the choices before selecting the best answer. Keep your answer sheet covered as you work. When you are done with your exam : 1. Make sure you have bubbled in 22 responses on your answer sheet. Credit will not be given later for responses incorrectly bubbled in. 2. Make sure the information at the top of this cover sheet is completely filled out. 3. Sign the honor pledge at the bottom of this page. 4. When you are finished with the exam, please sit quietly with your answer sheet covered. When I call for the exams to be turned in, rip off this cover page and turn in the signed cover page and your answer sheet by passing them to the center aisle. Keep your exam for use in the group test portion of the exam process. Honor pledge : “I have neither given nor received any unauthorized assistance on this exam, and I have followed all the directions on this page.” 1
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________________________________________ Student signature Date Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. External users and external stakeholders of accounting information are likely to include all of the following groups except ? a. customers b. government agencies c. employees of the company ** d. investors e. all of the above groups are likely to be external stakeholders 2. Which of the following are relevant costs in decision making? a.
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Exam_2_key - N ame Group N umber Exam 2 Directions PLEASE...

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