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Unformatted text preview: INSTRUCTIONS FOR BUS 320 GRADED HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS There will be six (6) graded homework assignments due throughout the semester. The questions on the graded homework assignments are located on the Moodle site for BUS 320 under “Graded Homework Assignment Questions.” These are PDF documents that can be printed at any time during the semester, so please print these documents early and begin working on assignments as material is covered in the course. All answers to graded homework assignments must be submitted on Moodle under “Graded Homework Assignment Submission” by the due date and time specified below. Assignments cannot be submitted in class by hard copy or through email as an attachment. Only responses submitted through Moodle will be graded. Please note that once you open an assignment to submit your answers, you must complete the assignment at that time because you will only be allowed one (1) submission per assignment. Also, the order of answers on the PDF documents under “Graded Homework Assignment Questions” may not correspond exactly with the order...
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