Amacom - Modern Project Management (Ocr) - 2001 ! - (By Laxxuss)

Amacom Modern Project Management(Ocr 2001(By Laxxuss)

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Unformatted text preview: included in the Hierarchies database. To start this tool, first click on the header of the Alternate Hierarchies Menu. Clicking on it will bring this menu to the foreground. Now you can click on the WBS Entry/Edit Tool control button on the Alternate Hierarchies Menu. It is important to understand that the WBS Entry/ Edit tool can only edit a table named "WBS." If you wanted to edit the OBS table with this tool, you would have to rename the WBS table something else and then rename the OBS table "WBS." Then you could edit it with the WBS Entry/Edit tool and then rename it "OBS" again. To rename a database table, click on the table object in the database window and then click on the Edit button at the top of the Access window. You then select the Rename option, and Access allows you to type in a new name for the table. Now press the Enter key. We will not devote space here to doing this, but you can experiment on your own with copying hierarchy tables in the way that was just shown and then using the WBS Entry/Edit tool to edit them. 6.5.2— Exporting Alternate Hierarchies into the Project Database The next thing to be demonstrated is how to export a new hierarchy table into the example database. Again, it is important to understand that when you export a hierarchy table from the Hierarchies database into the example database, you must export it to the WBS table in the example database. It does not matter that Page 161 the table you want to export from the hierarchy database is named something else (e.g., OBS). What is important is that when you export a hierarchy table (e.g., the OBS table), when it gets into the example database it is named WBS. Fortunately, the process of exporting a database table to another database allows for the renaming of the exported table as it is being exported. We will now show how this is done. First, select the OBS table by clicking on it in the database window. Now click on the File button at the top of the Access window. Select the Save As/Export . . . option on this menu. This will cause the Save As window to appear, as it did in the previous example as shown in Figure 6-16. But this time select the To an External File or Database option. Doing this will cause yet another window to appear, this one called "Save Table 'OBS' in. . . ." This will cause your screen to look like Figure 6- 18. You may have to use the "up arrow" control button and the directory-changing capability in this window to get back to the directory where you have the example database and the hierar - Figure 6-18. Save Table window. Page 162 chy database stored. Access tends to lose track of what directory it is in when it gets to this window. Change the File name in the File name field near the bottom of this window to exampleChapt6.mde, and then click on the Export control button on the right side of this window. This brings up one last window, called the Export window , as shown in Figure 6-19. In the only...
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