Amacom - Modern Project Management (Ocr) - 2001 ! - (By Laxxuss)

A desktop toolset called modern project is included

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Unformatted text preview: report shows this control package is 50% complete, the reader of the report can relate this to the 290 CY of concrete quantification for the package and envision that about 145 cubic yards of concrete has been poured so far. 2.3— Using Modern Project © to Create a WBS Before moving on to a discussion of sequencing the work, we first cover how to enter a work breakdown structure into the project database. A desktop toolset called Modern Project is included with this book. In order to run the tools provided in this toolset, it is necessary for you to have Microsoft Access 97, or a later version, such as Access 2000, installed on your computer. Modern Project is a learning aid intended to demonstrate how a set of desktop tools can support the project management techniques covered in this book. Modern Project has been tested on the example project described in the book but has not been subjected to exhaustive testing. Neither the author nor the publisher takes any responsibility for the correct operation of this toolset. It is intended to be useful on projects on which it is used, but the reader must understand that it is to be used at his or her own risk. There is a file on the electronic media provided with the book that you need to copy to one of your disk drives. If you are using Access 97, then the file is the one named example97.mde . If you are using Access 2000, then the file is the one named example2K.mde . For simplicity, we will just use the filename example.mde in what follows instead of repeatedly distinguishing between the two. Example.mde is a database that will eventually contain the example project data that will be used throughout the book to illustrate project management concepts and the use of Modern Project. Page 27 After you have saved the file example.mde to your disk drive, you may need to change the read only attribute. For instance, if you use Microsoft Windows Explorer to copy the file from the CD to your disk drive, it will set the read only attribute to "true" since the CD supplied with the book is a read only medium. This will prevent you from entering any data into the example database until you change the read only attribute to "false." To change the read only attribute to false, first open the file with Microsoft Access. A window should appear that looks like Figure 2-3. Now click on the File control button, and select the Database Properties option by clicking on the option's entry in the File menu that dropped down. This will cause the Properties window to appear. Make sure the Properties window is displaying the General (properties) with Attributes: showing at the bottom of the window. If not, click on the General tab at the top of the Properties window. Now look at the "read only" attribute. If it has a checkmark in the box in front of it, click on the box to remove the checkmark. If there is no checkmark in the read only attribute box, there is nothing to change. Next, click on the OK control button at the bottom of the Properties window. You should now be able to write data...
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