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Do not be concerned with the absence of data for

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Unformatted text preview: ry to charge to invalid charge numbers as it may interfere with their getting paid for their time spent working. You can now begin entering the data in Figure 2-5 into the WBS database, using the WBS Entry/Edit Tool. As you enter the Original Qty for each control package, you will notice that there are some other text boxes, titled Client Qty, Control Qty , and Forecast Qty . The concepts of Client Quantity, Control Quantity, and Forecast Quantity are explained in Chapter 3. Do not be concerned with the absence of data for these additional budgets and the forecast at this time. Just enter the Original Qty amount for the Client Qty, for the Control Qty, and for the Forecast Qty. In Chapter 3 we will make changes to these quantities as we explain their meanings. You can move around within the WBS Entry/Edit form by either moving the cursor (with the mouse) into one of the data element entry boxes and clicking on the left mouse button or by using the TAB key to move to the next box. After you have entered all data elements into the form for one of the control packages, the data elements will be recorded in (written to) the database when you move to another WBS control package. Moving to the next control package (or a new control package) is done by (left) clicking on the Forward button at the bottom of the form. The Forward button is the control button just to the right of the text box titled "Record." Similarly, there is a Back button immediately to the left of the text box. There are also buttons to move to the first control package record, to move to the last control package record that has been entered, and to create a new control package record. You will be able to figure out which ones are which by experimenting with these additional buttons. You do not have to click the new control package button to move to a new control package when you are entering control package information. By simply clicking on the forward button, you will automatically be given a new blank control package record. Page 33 If you accidentally enter a control package incorrectly into the database, you can edit it later by returning to the record using the Forward and Back buttons or by entering the record number in the Record field at the bottom of the form. You can delete a record entirely by first returning to the record and then clicking on the Edit button at the top of the Access window and then selecting the Delete Record option. When you do this, Access will present you with another window that asks you to confirm that you really want to delete this record and warning you that once you delete it the deletion will be final. If, after the warning, you still want to delete the record, click on the Yes button, and the record will be deleted. After you have finished entering the WBS information into the database, you should close the WBS Entry/Edit tool by (left) clicking on the ''X" in the upper right corner of the tool. 2.3.2— The WBS Listing Report We...
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