Amacom - Modern Project Management (Ocr) - 2001 ! - (By Laxxuss)

Figure 7 1 empty microsoft project gantt chart screen

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Unformatted text preview: rt. Figure 7 -3. The PERT chart screen showing entered tasks. Figure 7 -4. PERT chart showing task dependency relation. Figure 7 -5. Task list for example project. Figure 7 -6. Task sequencing for example project. Figure 7 -7. Gantt chart of example project schedule. Figure 7 -8. Blank resource sheet screen. Figure 7 -9. Resource sheet showing labor pools. Figure 7 -10. Assign Resources window showing labor pools. Figure 7 -11. Assign Resources window showing size of two labor pools. Figure 7 -12. Updated Gantt chart schedule for example project. Figure 7 -13. Split screen for specifying man-hours by labor pool. Figure 7 -14. Revised resource sheet view of labor pools. Figure 7 -15. Entry table in Gantt chart view. Figure 7 -16. File Save window. Figure 7 -17. Export Format window. Figure 7 -18. Import window. Figure 7 -19. Import HTML Wizard. Figure 8 -1. Abstract model of a government project. 163 164 165 171 173 174 174 176 178 184 193 194 196 197 197 199 199 205 205 206 207 208 215 Figure 8 -2. The Total Allocated Budget (TAB) model. Figure 8 -3. The contract WBS for a government project. Figure 8 -4. Earned Value Chart for a government project. Figure 9 -1. Probability of finishing on time graph. 219 221 225 233 Page xiii Preface The purpose of this book is to describe how some of the most talented modern project managers manage projects, why they do it the way they do, and what types of computer tools they use to do it. Included with this book is a project management tool set called Modern Project that provides tools for doing all the project management tasks discussed in this book. It can be installed on a personal computer and used to help you learn about project management or to manage real - world projects. While project management is practiced as a sophisticated profession in some companies, it is still, unfortunately, misunderstood in others. Even where project management is practiced professionally, the theory behind it is often misunderstood, causing it to be practiced mechanically, rather than artistically. Modern project managers need sound management skills, as they always have. But the current generation of project managers requires theoretical and technical skills that were virtually unknown not long ago and that are continually growing more complex. A significant percentage of project managers currently use technical tools in much the same way that professional investors use technical tools. Both of these professions have well-known performance measures that are used day in and day out to assist in making decisions regarding how to employ their resources. Just as two different investors using the same technical tools can get radically different results, two different project Page xiv managers on similar projects, utilizing the same measures of performance, may get radically different results. Let us consider a typical example. Two project managers on similar projects are using the earned value measure of performance to evaluate wor...
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