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If your screen does not look like figure 7 15 you can

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Unformatted text preview: budget to which the variances correspond. If the time phasing is not correct, the schedule performance ratio will not be correct in each of the reporting periods. There is a tendency on many projects to be careless about separating quantification variances and productivity variances. On the surface, it may seem reasonable because eliminating the distinction will cause the schedule to be more "realistic" in the sense that it will more closely reflect when the project might finish. But what needs to be kept in mind is that the schedule needs to represent what the project manager is trying to manage to and not the time phasing of the forecast. 7.4— The Automated Interface to Microsoft Project Now that you are aware of the risks involved with importing schedule dates from a scheduling system into a project management system, we are ready to discuss an automated interface to transfer Microsoft Project schedule dates into Modern Project. The plan for this interface was to utilize the existing import/ export features of Microsoft Access and Microsoft Project as far as possible to keep the interface simple, both for the user's ease and to keep the amount of custom code to a minimum. To transfer the schedule dates from the Microsoft Project schedule, you should be in Gantt Chart View with the Entry table visible as shown in Figure 7 -15. If your screen does not look like Figure 7-15, you can get to Gantt Chart View by clicking on the Gantt Chart icon at the left side of the Project window. You can get the Entry table displayed by clicking on the View control button at the top of the Project window and then selecting Table from the pull-down menu that appears. Finally, select Entry from the next menu that appears. You are now ready to export the Entry table. To do this, first click on the File control button at the top of the Project window. Then select Save as HTML from the pull-down menu. This causes a File Save menu to appear, as shown in Figure 7-16. This window shows that it is prepared to save the Entry table in a file named example.html in the Schedule directory. Since this File Save menu is common to Microsoft products, you probably already know how to use it to change the name of the Figure 7-15. Entry table in Gantt chart view. Figure 7-16. File Save window. Figure 7 - 17. Export Format window. file or the directory to a location of your choice. It does not matter where you save this HTML file. What matters is that you remember where you saved it so you can later import it into Modern Project. Click on the Save control button on the right side of the File Save window, and the Entry file will be saved as an HTML file. This causes the Export Format window to appear as shown in Figure 7-17. You should click on the Default task information selection in this window. When you do, it will be backlit in blue, as indicated by the highlight in Figure 7-17. Now click on the Save control button at the bottom of the window. This causes the Entry table to be saved in HTML format in the file location you prev...
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