Amacom - Modern Project Management (Ocr) - 2001 ! - (By Laxxuss)

In the example the change order page 95 identifier is

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Unformatted text preview: l considerations having to do with ease of data entry and editing, it was decided to leave the assignment of variance numbers to the user. So enter the value ''1" in the Variance Number field and "COR" in the Variance Type field. The "COR" type indicates that Variance 1 is a change order. Change orders usually have approval dates associated with them. The approval date in this case corresponds to the date when the client approves the variance as a change order. This change order has an approval date of 1/11/00, so enter that date in the Approval Date field. In addition, change orders usually have a change order identifier. This is usually the identifier the client uses to track them, but this field could be used for other purposes or not at all. In the example, the change order Page 95 identifier is A-001- 00. You should enter the change order identifier and the change order description in their corresponding fields now. Variances 2 and 3 in Figure 3- 10a are not change orders. Variance 2 is a quantification variance, and Variance 3 is a productivity variance. Since Variances 2 and 3 are not change orders, they do not have approval dates or change order identifiers associated with them. You should enter these remaining two variances now. To enter the variance quantity and labor-hour line items into the system you need the Variance Transactions (Qty/Mhrs) Entry/Edit tool. To activate this tool, click on the Qty/Mhr Variance Entry button on the Modern Project Main Menu. When you select this tool you will get an entry/edit form like the one shown in Figure 3-11b. Figure 3-11b shows that in order to enter quantity and labor-hour line items for the individual variances, you must first enter the Variance Number and the Package and Task Identifiers . This specifies which task in which work package the variance line item being entered refers to. The variance quantity and labor-hour line items to be entered for the three variances you previously entered into the example project database are shown in Figure 3-10b. Variance 1 has two quantity and labor-hour line items associated with it. They correspond to tasks 3 and 4 of the Siteprep work package. Figure 3-111b. Variance Transactions (Qty/Mhrs) Entry/Edit form. TE Team-Fly® AM FL Y Page 96 To enter the first line item, enter "1" in the Variance Number field, "Siteprep" in the Package ID field, and "3'' in the Task ID field. This tells the variance quantity and man-hours entry tool which variance and which task this line item refers to. The rest of the fields on the form are for entering the quantity and man-hour data for this line item. Now that you know how to enter a variance quantity and labor-hour line item into the example project database, you should enter all of those shown in Figure 3 -10b. Figure 3-11c shows the form that is presented to the user by the Variance Transactions (Costs) Entry/Edit tool. It is used to enter the cost line items for variances. Th...
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