Amacom - Modern Project Management (Ocr) - 2001 ! - (By Laxxuss)

It is therefore desirable for project personnel to

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Unformatted text preview: e (perhaps after working hours) can often be offset by improved productivity. In short, the project manager needs to study the possibilities for improving productivity for the specific situation at hand. The productivity ratio is only the measure. It can tell if the actual productivity exceeds or trails the planned productivity. How to improve productivity depends on the creativity of the project manager. Page 135 Chapter 6— Alternate Views It was mentioned in Chapter 2 that there are subdivisions of the work for a project other than the WBS that are of interest. In Chapter 2, Organizational Breakdown Structures (OBS) and Product Breakdown Structures (PBS) were mentioned as examples. These alternate breakdown structures are essentially different views of the project from different perspectives. While the WBS view of the project, which views the project from the perspective of how the work will be accomplished, is essential for performance evaluation, there are other views of the project that are also useful. It is therefore desirable for project personnel to get reports from their project management system that are organized around these alternate views of the project. Modern Project, the project management toolset supplied with this book, has been design to do this. The design philosophy for this capability was to make available to the project personnel an unlimited capability to organize their project reports. In order to allow unlimited capability for organizing project data and at the same time keep the Modern Project toolset simple, it was decided to base all hierarchically organized reports on general algorithms that are independent of which hierarchy is being used at the moment. The idea is to have a single database and to switch in alternate hierarchies as needed for generating reports rather than preplan what hierarchical relationships are needed and then build them into the database. Page 136 Also, to keep the Modern Project toolset simple, it was decided to use the Microsoft Access export facility for moving hierarchy tables in and out of the database. This requires the user to maintain another database that houses the alternate hierarchy tables. Then, when you want to generate reports organized around an alternate hierarchy, you just export that hierarchy table into your database and rename it WBS. The Modern Project reporting algorithms know to always base their reports on a hierarchy that is located in a database table named WBS. Therefore, whichever alternate hierarchy happens to be residing in the WBS table at any given time is how the requested reports are organized. The rest of this chapter is devoted to constructing an alternate hierarchy, building a separate database for housing both the example project WBS and this other hierarchy, and demonstrating how to generate reports based on either of these hierarchies. Before we introduce an alternate hierarchy, we first complete the task list for all the work packages in the WBS hierarchy that we already have in order to make it a more interesting example. 6.1— Expanding the Task List You will recall fro...
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