Amacom - Modern Project Management (Ocr) - 2001 ! - (By Laxxuss)

Recall that the man hour budget for siteprep 1 is 80

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Unformatted text preview: assigned to the task), enter that information in the Units column for the resource pool. Then, click on the Assign control button in the Assign Resources window. You can assign multiple resource pools to a task. You can do this by clicking on another resource pool in the Name column and then specifying the number of units in the Units column if necessary. If, for instance, you needed 1 1/2 graders from the Graders labor resource pool and 1/2 of a paver from the Pavers resource pool, after selecting both of these resource pools, your Assign Resource window would now look like Figure 7- 11. If you now click on the Close control button, the Assign Resources windows will close, and your Gantt Chart View of Figure 7-10. Assign Resources window showing labor pools. Figure 7-11. Assign Resources window showing size of two labor pools. Figure 7 -12. Updated Gantt chart schedule for example project. the project should look like Figure 7 -12. Notice that the Gantt Chart View now shows a bold- faced caption by the side of the Siteprep 1 task bar showing that we have assigned 1 1/2 graders and 1/2 paver to it. But also notice that something has gone wrong. The duration has been changed from five days to 11.25 days. Why did Page 198 this happen? It happened because we have not yet specified to Project how much work is involved in the Siteprep 1 task. Recall that the man-hour budget for Siteprep 1 is 80 man-hours. We need to convey this to Project. What we are assuming is that we have the equivalent of two persons working on the task. The Standard calendar assumes each worker puts in 40 hours per week (five working days). Consequently, the duration for the task should be five days, which is what we entered for the task originally. What has happened is that since we have not yet specified to Project the man-hour budget for the task, there are some random work data for this task in Project's database. We need to correct this. To specify the man-hour budget to Project, we do the following. From Gantt Chart View we click on the Window control button at the top of the Project window. We then select Split . This gives us a split-screen display as shown in Figure 7-13. In the upper half of the split-screen we click on the Siteprep 1 task to select it. Then we click somewhere in the lower half of the split-screen to indicate that we want to make a change to the table displayed in the lower half of the split-screen. Next, we click on the View control button at the top of the Project window and select the More Views option. This brings up a More Views window. Now, scroll down to the Task Form option, and click on the Apply control button. This should make the Project window look pretty much like Figure 7-13. The only thing that remains to be done is to specify the man-hour budget for the Siteprep 1 task to Project. We do this as follows. In the Work column we enter 60h (60 hours) for the Graders labor pool and 20h for the Pavers labor pool. This is the 80 man-hour budget for Siteprep 1. The assumption clearly is that tw...
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