Amacom - Modern Project Management (Ocr) - 2001 ! - (By Laxxuss)

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Unformatted text preview: are directly or indirectly attributable to these two long-term project managers. They are among the finest the author has ever met. NORMAN R. HOWES ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Page xix How to Use the CD Before using the programs on the CD, you should read and understand the license contained in this book or read the file on the CD titled License.doc. The files on the CD of the form xxx97.mde can only be executed by using Microsoft Access 97. The files of the form xxx2K. mde can only be executed by using Microsoft Access 2000. You will need to have one of these versions of Microsoft Access to execute these files. The version of the desktop project management toolset that is distributed with this book is implemented as a Microsoft Access application. As such, it is packaged together with a database. Each of the files of the form example97ChaptX.mde or example2KChaptX.mde is an Access database that contains the Modern Project toolset. The databases in these files represent snapshots of what the example project database should look like at the end of Chapter X, where X is a chapter number. The files of the form example97.mde and example2K.mde contain an empty database that will be used to construct the example project that is used throughout this book. In order to use the files on the CD, you will need to copy them onto a hard drive or a diskette. After you have done so, you may need to change the "read only" attribute of the Access files. For instance, if you use Microsoft Windows Explorer to copy the file from the CD to your disk drive, it will set the read only attribute to "true" since the CD is a read only file. This will Page xx prevent you from entering new data into the example97.mde and the example 2K.mde files. To change the read only attribute to "false," first open the file using Access. Then click on the "File" control button on the menu bar at the top of the Access window. Next, select the ''Database Properties" option. This will cause the Properties window to appear. Make sure the Properties window is displaying the "General" properties. If not, click on the "General" tab at the top of the window. Now look at the "Read only" attribute. If it has a checkmark in the box in front of it, click on the box to remove the mark. Finally, click on the "OK" control button at the bottom of the Properties window. You should now be able to write data into the file. The file on the CD named example.mpp is a Microsoft Project 98 schedule file. It contains the example schedule used in Chapter 7 of this book that demonstrates the automated interface between Microsoft Project and Modern Project. You will need to have a version of Microsoft Project 98 to run this program. However, it is not essential to an understanding of Chapter 7 to actually execute this example schedule. It is intended primarily as an exercise in tranferring scheduling dates from Microsoft Project into the Modern Project databa...
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