Amacom - Modern Project Management (Ocr) - 2001 ! - (By Laxxuss)

Amacom Modern Project Management(Ocr 2001(By Laxxuss)

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Unformatted text preview: following sections and chapters shows how these additional subdivisions are supported in the Modern Project toolset provided with this book. The way we relate the cost breakdown structure to the WBS is explained in Section 2.5. The way we relate the OBS to the WBS is via a second (or alternate) hierarchy. This is explained in Chapter 6. The OBS hierarchy will have the same work packages as the WBS but different control packages above the work package level in the OBS hierarchy. The reason this is possible is because of our rule that work packages be small enough to be assigned to a single person. Since each person is a member of some section or department or division, the work packages assigned to a person in a given organizational unit will be considered to belong to the control package that represents this organizational unit in the OBS hierarchy diagram. Page 22 There is one more thing that should be mentioned about the WBS. Even if a client requires that his or her WBS be a product breakdown structure or an OBS, our policy will still be to subdivide the work in the manner in which it is to be done and to utilize alternate reporting hierarchies to provide the client with his or her required reports. Subdividing the work in the manner that it will actually be accomplished provides project management and assisting departments with the best understanding of how to accomplish the project's objectives. The importance of subdividing the work in the way it will actually be performed cannot be overemphasized. If the WBS does not reflect the way in which the work will actually be done, the WBS is not really useful to the project manager as a communications and control mechanism. By accommodating multiple subdivisions of the work (e.g., the OBS) via multiple hierarchies, which collectively will be referred to as reporting hierarchies , these desktop tools allow a project to provide all the components of an organization with reports about the project that are meaningful for them. Essentially, these alternate reporting hierarchies provide alternate views of the project that are meaningful to different organizations. Each of these reporting hierarchies will possess the same set of work packages. They will differ only in the way the control packages above the work packages are organized. It should be noted that not all of these alternate reporting hierarchies will have the same number of levels. A WBS is often expected to have more levels than an OBS, but there can be exceptions to this rule. Finally, it should be noted that, even within the WBS, each branch of the WBS should not be expected to have the same number of levels. Some parts of the work may naturally be expected to be more complicated than other parts, and this may be reflected in the WBS by branches with unequal numbers of levels of control packages before work packages are encountered. Page 23 2.2— Quantification of the Work The next step after subdividing the work is quantification of the work. Quantificatio...
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