Amacom - Modern Project Management (Ocr) - 2001 ! - (By Laxxuss)

The work content of a work package is further

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Unformatted text preview: n of the work consists of assigning an appropriate unit of measure to each control package and then assigning a quantity to the work content of the package that quantifies the amount of work in the package in terms of its unit of measure. The way this is done requires some explanation. We first discuss how it is done for work packages. The work content of a work package is further subdivided into tasks or activities . The terms task and activity are interchangeable in this book. These individual tasks are the things that are eventually scheduled, usually with an automated scheduling software package. This produces a start date and an end date for each task. But this is not our concern at the moment. The important thing to understand just now is that each task needs to be assigned a unit of measure. It is the responsibility of the work package manager to subdivide the work packages for which he or she is responsible into appropriate tasks. It is also this manager's responsibility to quantify and estimate these tasks. Suppose the work package manager for the ''Siteprep" work package, after careful consideration and perhaps consultation with those who will actually perform the work, decides to subdivide the work package into four tasks, say: Task 1: Clear and Grub the Site Task 2: Remove Excess Earth Task 3: Grade the Site Task 4: Excavate for a Foundation The unit of measure for Task 1 might be "square feet," since the site that is to be prepared for the structure is likely to be measured in square feet. On the other hand, the unit of measure for Task 2 might be "cubic yards," since earthmovers usu- Page 24 ally estimate the amount of earth to be removed in cubic yards of earth. On the other hand, if the project is a computer software development project and the activity is to write a computer program, the unit of measure might be "source lines of code." If the activity is to write a chapter of a book, the unit of measure might be "pages." First-time project managers are often faced with the claim from some member of the project team to whom a task has been assigned that this type of work has never been done before and so there is no known unit of measure for this task. This often happens on research or development projects. While this is never really the case, it is often easier for the project manager to just assign this task the unit of measure called each (abbreviated "EA"), rather than argue about it. Then a quantity of 1 can be assigned to the task in the EA unit of measure. This means that this task is considered as a single unit. The effect on the overall project of doing this occasionally is not usually great, since work packages are assumed to be of short duration and, therefore, so are tasks. But, as the reader will see in Chapter 3, assigning a unit of measure of EA will curtail the options for a work package manager to take partial credit for work in progress on the periodic status reports. This can cause the task leader to appear n...
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