Amacom - Modern Project Management (Ocr) - 2001 ! - (By Laxxuss)

Then this percent complete is entered for each task

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Unformatted text preview: t is determined by how many of the milestones have already been completed and the agreement on how much each milestone is worth. With the indirect statusing method, the work package percent complete is the percent complete of the control package on which the work package is dependent. In either case, we simply enter this percent complete in the Percent complete field for each task in the work package. When utilizing the indirect statusing method for a work package, the user can use one of the reporting tools that calculate status for summary level control packages (which is introduced in this chapter). The user can then determine the percent Page 82 complete for the control package that the work package is linked to for statusing purposes. Then this percent complete is entered for each task in the work package to be statused. The Progress Transaction Entry/Edit tool can be activated by clicking on the Progress Transaction Entry/Edit button on the Modern Project Main Menu. The way the data entry form works is as follows. The tool automatically (and sequentially) assigns a transaction number , just as in the case of the Cost/Labor Entry/ Edit tool. The user does not need to be concerned with entering this information when entering a progress transaction. This transaction number is useful for identifying progress transactions at a later date. The first information elements the user must supply are the package identifier and the task identifier. The next piece of information the user must supply is the date of the progress transaction. Finally, the user needs to enter one of the following pieces of information: quantity to date, quantity this period , or percent complete , depending on which status method is being used for this task. If you are entering data for the example project into the example database using Modern Project, you should enter the data in Figure 3-6 now, using the Progress Transaction Entry/ Edit tool just described. After you have entered these progress transactions, you need to update the example project database because the new status transactions affect several database tables other than the table in which the progress transactions are stored. You do this by clicking on the Earned Value Update control button on the Main Menu. You need to remember to do this every time you enter progress transactions. Earlier versions of Modern Project did not require the user to remember to do this because these updates were automatically performed at report time. However, this slows down report generation. The majority of users themselves prefer to control when the database is updated, since the entering of progress data usually only occurs once per reporting period while report generation often occurs several Figure 3-6. Progress transaction data for example project. times a day. Consequently, this mode of operation is significantly more efficient. 3.4— Progress and Status Reports We can now produce the Progress Transaction Listing report and the Status Report. These report...
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