Amacom - Modern Project Management (Ocr) - 2001 ! - (By Laxxuss)

This book discusses the tools the project manager

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Unformatted text preview: rol packages and work packages of the project. Notice that it is organized around the same WBS hierarchy structure that we just discussed. In addition to these capabilities, there are a variety of other functions the project manager needs help with. This book discusses the tools the project manager needs to assist with these functions. For instance, the project manager has access to tools Page 10 Figure 1-3. Budgeted Cost Listing. Page 11 for tracking progress on the project, for keeping track of changes as the project matures, for calculating productivity, and for scientifically forecasting the end results of the project. All of these capabilities are discussed in the following chapters. But before we get into any project management discussions, it is worthwhile discussing how projects should begin. How projects come into existence plays a key role in whether a project will be successful. Projects are started up for innumerably many different reasons and in innumerably many different situations. Why they come about is not so important as how they come about. Here we are talking about projects that organizations undertake. Projects of individuals come and go without affecting anyone but the individual who undertook them. But organizational projects affect not only those who execute the project but those who finance the project and those who count on the project's being successfully executed. Projects should come into existence with a clearly documented purpose. Even if the project is an exploratory research effort, there should be specific problems or issues that the project seeks to address. This definition of purpose should take the form of a statement of what will constitute the work of the project. The definition of a project's purpose is often called a project's statement of work . A statement of work is not a project plan. (How to develop a project plan is explained in detail in Chapter 2.) A statement of work focuses on what will be done, not how it will be done. The project plan focuses on how to accomplish the work; the statement of work focuses on what is to be done. For large developmental undertakings, there may be sequential projects, first to study the feasibility of such an undertaking, then to design whatever it is to be developed, and finally to produce whatever it is that is being undertaken. Often, there are periods of time in between these individual projects to allow management of the organization to understand the findings of a previous stage before a subsequent stage is allowed to begin. This gives management the opportunity Page 12 to abort the undertaking at specific points if the work is not proceeding as originally conceived. On large, government-sponsored undertakings, a collection of sequential or otherwise related projects like this is referred to as a program. In such cases, there should be a statement of work for the program. But the statement of work for the program is not a substitute for a statement of work for each project. The statement of work is meant to define not...
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