Amacom - Modern Project Management (Ocr) - 2001 ! - (By Laxxuss)

This indicates that the actual accomplishment on the

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Unformatted text preview: bor-hours and the actual labor-hours curves. This indicates that the actual accomplishment on the project is a little less than anticipated in the project plan. Some of the charts and reports discussed in this book, like the Earned Value Report, keep the project manager informed about the "health" of the project. Other reports provide capabilities for the project manager to review the plan (e.g., the budget and the schedule) for the project. The report shown in Figure 1-2 is titled WBS Listing, where WBS stands for Work Breakdown Structure. The WBS for a project is one of the fundamental concepts of project management. The WBS depicts how the work of the project is subdivided into individual components. The WBS is more than just a list of tasks within the project. It is a hierarchical structure that depicts how the work is organized. It shows how the overall project is subdivided into lower-level components called control packages and how these control packages (there can be several layers or levels of them) are finally subdivided into work packages. Work packages are the lowest level of decomposition of the work that the project manager manages. They contain the individual tasks that are scheduled by the scheduling system. Let us consider the first line item on this report. The first line item is the control package at hierarchy position "0." It represents the total example project that we will be considering in later chapters. The description of this control package is "5000 SF Building," since the example project we will be considering in this book is the construction of a 5,000-square-foot (SF) building. The second line item on the report is what is called the detail line item for control package "0." The detail line item for a control package on this report gives the budget quantities for the three budgets, titled "Original Budget," "Client Budget,'' and "Control Budget." It also shows the budget quantity for the "Forecast." As is explained in Chapter 2, budgets can be measured in dollars, in quantities, and in the Page 7 TE Figure 1-2. WBS Listing. AM FL Y Team-Fly® Page 8 amount of labor to accomplish the project. In the WBS Listing, only the quantity budgets are shown. The reader may find it strange that there is more than one budget on a project. This has to do with the way change control and variance tracking are handled on the project. The forecast for the project can be viewed at this point in the naive sense of the word, that is, what we think the final quantity will be when the project completes. When the project finally completes, we may have something other than a 5,000-square-foot building. The client may decide to expand the building by another 1,000 square feet for some reason during the project lifetime, and what we end up with may be a 6,000-square-foot building. But, at the beginning of the project, this cannot be foreseen. Changes like this often occur on projects, and for that reason there is another budget called the "Client Budget." In addition to client-i...
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