Amacom - Modern Project Management (Ocr) - 2001 ! - (By Laxxuss)

G 130701 through 130723 under package 1307 then 30

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Unformatted text preview: (in the database) is a "text" field. Thirty characters have been allocated in the database for this hierarchy position identifier for each control package. So, if we never expect to have more than nine packages with the same parent control package (e.g., 3.1.0 through 3.1.9 under package 3.1), it is possible to have up to 15 levels in our WBS. Or, if we expect to have 10 or more packages with the same parent control package, (e.g., 13.07.01 through 13.07.23 under package 13.07), then 30 characters is only enough space for WBS hierarchies with up to six levels. Consequently, it should be possible to have WBS hierarchies that are "very wide" if they are not too "deep," but, again, the reporting tools have not been tested on such hierarchies. Page 31 The Package ID column of Figure 2-5 contains the names (identifiers) of each control package, and the Description column contains a description of the control package. Thereafter comes a column for the package's Active Flag, which we have not yet discussed. The fifth column contains the Unit of Measure for each control package, which has already been discussed at length. The sixth column contains the quantifications of each control package in the chosen unit of measure for the control package. This column is labeled Original Qty, which refers to the original quantity budget . The term quantity budget is interchangeable with the term quantification , which we discussed in the previous section. In fact, the terms original quantity budget , original budget quantity, and original quantification are all equivalent terms. Let us now discuss the meaning of the Active Flag column of data. All the control packages in a WBS are considered to be either "open" or "closed." If a control package is open, then the Active Flag column contains a YES. When entering a YES value in the Active Flag field of the data entry form, just click on the field box, and a check mark will appear. This indicates a value of YES. Otherwise, it contains a NO. The meaning of a control package's being open is that actual expenditures can be charged to that control package. By this is meant that if a control package is a work package and the package is open, then actual expenditures can be charged to the package. If, instead, the control package is a summary level control package and it is open, then it is okay to have open work packages under this control package in the hierarchy. The purpose of open and closed packages is to allow the project manager to control the available charge numbers on the project. It may be the case that the entire project is planned and budgeted in the beginning. But, since work cannot usually begin on all work packages at the same time, the project manager can specify which work is acceptable at a given point in time. This prevents the work package managers from making Page 32 charges to work packages that are not actually being worked on or are not yet authorized to be worked on. Generally, workers will not t...
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