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Document: TMG-TEST-X01 Revision : 1.0 FACTORY/SITE ACCEPTANCE TEST DOCUMENT As of : 8/7/01 Section 5: PLC Testing PLC Standard Tests Emergency Stop Verification Purpose To document the emergency stop connections for the PLC and I/O hardware. Method a) Start up the system. b) Press in the mushroom headed emergency stop button mounted on the panel door. c) Verify that the e-stop button is wired directly to a Master Control Relay (MCR). d) Verify that the MCR turns off power to all PLC outputs. e) Verify that the e-stop is wired up to a PLC input point, and is used for status and alarm reasons only. Complete the tables indicating verification of the following features. Device Name Initials & Date Acceptance Criteria
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Unformatted text preview: Verify that the emergency stop buttons function as required. Number of Attached Documents: _________ Acceptance Criteria Met? __________________ Comments ____________________________________________________________________ Performed By: ____________________________ Date: _____________ Approved By: ____________________________ Date: _____________ Page: 9 of 50 E-stops connected to MCR E-stops connected to all Outputs E-stop wiring to PLC input for status only PLC - ______ PLC - ______ PLC - ______ PLC - ______ Yes No N/A Yes No N/A Yes No N/A Yes No N/A Yes No N/A Yes No N/A Yes No N/A Yes No N/A Yes No N/A Yes No N/A Yes No N/A Yes No N/A...
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