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Problem 15.1-1 (a) Given: (a) Use Eq. 15.1-2 to show that if x is linear in z, then x has magnitude 6M x /t 2 at plate surfaces. Solution: M x is defined as: M x t 2 t 2 z σ x z d = Since stresses vary linearly with z, we can write σ x kz = where k is a constant. M x t
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Unformatted text preview: 2 t 2 z k z z d = M x k t 3 12 = substitute k σ x z = gives M x σ x t 3 12 z = Solving for x gives: σ x M x z t 3 12 = At z t 2 = σ x M x t 2 t 3 12 = 6 M x t 2 =...
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