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Problem 12.6 Given: Three pinned-end columns each have a cross-sectional area of 2000 mm 2 and length of 750 mm. They are made of 7075-T5 aluminum alloy (E=72 GPa and σ PL = 448 MPa). One of the columns has a solid square cross section. A second column has a solid circular cross section. The third has a hollow circular cross section with an insdie diameter of 30 mm. Determine the critical buckling load for each of the columns. Solution: E 72 GPa := L 750 mm := A 2000 mm 2 := σ PL 448 MPa := Square Cross Section b b bA := b 44.721 mm = I 1 12 b 4 := I 3.333 10 5 × mm 4 = P cr π 2 E I L 2 421.103 kN = := Solid Circular Cross Section
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