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Problem_14_07 - Problem 14.7 Given The stress concentration...

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Problem 14.7 Given: The stress concentration factor for a hole in a beam is approximately 3.0 if the diameter of the hole is small compared to the depth of the beam. Two 10.0-mm diameter holes are drilled through the beam at equal distances from the neutral surface. Use the moment of inertia for the net section through the holes and S cc = 3.0. Find: the magnitude of the bending moment M for the case in which the limiting flexural stress is 120 MPa. a) for y'=50.0 mm to the outer edges of the holes b) for y'=75.0 mm Solution: The maximum stress is: σ 120 MPa := S cc 3 := σ M y I x S cc = a) I x 50 mm 200 mm ( ) 3 12 2 50 mm 10 mm ( ) 3 12 50 mm 10 mm 45 mm ( ) 2 +
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