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Alex Tamirian 10/03/10 Section E4 Lab #3 Assignment 1.) We used the reagent DiNitroSalicylic acid (DNS) to measure sugar concentration. DNS reacts with Aldehyde or ketone groups. 2.) We used the reagent Biuret to measure protein concentration. 3.) (2.3mg/mL/0.19=X/.77 X=9.32 mg/mL) The protein concentration for a solution absorbance of 0.77 is 9.32 mg/mL 4.) One of the patient’s urine appeared to contain hemoglobin. Given enough time we could have quantified the amount of hemoglobin by comparing a known absorbance and amount of urine to the absorbance of the patient’s urine using a spectrophotometer.
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Unformatted text preview: The blank would have been Biuret and water. The standard would be Biuret, water and a known amount of hemoglobin. We would use a wavelength of 540 to find the absorbance. 5.) Which wavelength corresponds to the color red? The wavelength of 750 corresponds to the red part of the spectrum. 6.) Solomon, E., L. Berg, Martin D. 2008. Biology Volume 1, 8 th ed. Brooks/ Cole, Cengage Learning, California. 7.) The implications of a diagnosis would be found in the Discussion portion of the lab report. 8.) This statement would be found in the Materials and Methods portion of the lab report....
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