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lab report 1 - 1 Labreport#1rewrite BYANELECTRICFIELD and...

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10/05/09 Lab report #1 - rewrite DEFLECTION OF AN ELECTRON BEAM BY AN ELECTRIC FIELD and DEFLECTION OF AN ELECTRON BEAM AND VELOCITY Abstract In this lab we try to determine how a change in an applied electric field affects the position of a beam spot by using an electric field perpendicular to the original direction of the electrons. We test the situation with a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) in which electrons are emitted at one end of an evacuated glass tube and are detected by their interaction with a phosphorous screen on the other end. We calculate the deflection of an electron that begins with an initial horizontal velocity, passes between a pair of short metal plates that produce a vertical electric field between them, and then continues through a region with no electric field until hitting the screen. Our result in the first part of the experiment will depend on the strength of the electric field, and on the electron’s initial velocity in the second part. We will use a Cathode Ray Tube. By connecting the internal parallel plates to a power supply we will create an electric field. A high voltage power supply provides the energy used to give the electron its initial velocity. 1
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Predictions We examine the diagram of the CRT. We use only one set of the deflection plates- the horizontal set. Let us draw a simplified diagram of an electron with an initial horizontal velocity about to enter the region between the plates. We assume that the electric field is vertically oriented in the region between the plates and is zero elsewhere. We draw a coordinate axis on this picture: the x axis will be horizontal and the y axis will be vertical.
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