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Lesson 1- assignment

Lesson 1- assignment - Lesson 1 Writing assignment"An...

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Lesson 1 – Writing assignment "An African fable" is a creation myth and, therefore, it is not surprising that the story's age and origin are unknown. This short story summarizes the basic needs of the human being by presenting situations man has to deal with. Man, at the point of his creation, didn't know what he needed, but over time discovered that some essential elements missing in his life. The tale, at first glance, is the story of the first day of the first man that was created by the maker. The underlying meaning, however, is that this man could have been any one of us. Man describes feelings we all sense and needs we all want to fulfill. Man dealt with the same problems we have as human beings now. This story presents the following four elements as the basic needs that the first man satisfies on his first day: clothing, shelter, food and rest. In the beginning of the story, man felt naked. While not mentioned directly, we can only assume that this was the reason he covered himself with a cloud. In my opinion, this is a psychological need that can be satisfied
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