Lesson 5- quiz

Lesson 5- quiz - Lesson 5- quiz 1. The first story in which...

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Lesson 5- quiz 1. The first story in which we can find the theme "You are your brother's keeper" is “The Red Convertible”. At the center of the story is the relationship between Lyman and Henry. Lyman’s motivation for telling the story is to embrace and preserve his brother’s memory. When Henry prepared to leave to serve in the Vietnam War, he wanted to give his younger brother the car that had brought them so much happiness. The second story is "Sonny's blues". The story implies that we are our brother’s keepers, and that a brotherly support amounts to more than control. It requires listening and true understanding. Brothers don't judge- they help when emotional or physical help is needed. The older brother reaches out to Sonny after the death of his youngest daughter- because this tragedy makes Sonny's troubles seem real. He tried to get Sonny back in school and after he was married he forces Sonny to live with his wife's family because he believes it is what is best. 2. Baldwin, the author of "Sonny's Blues", believed in the power of art to save people from suffering, or at least to minimize their suffering. Sonny uses blues and jazz as an outlet for his feelings, an outlet which his brother at first does not understand. Once Sonny’s brother visits the jazz club and hears Sonny play, he begins to comprehend the power and importance of music in Sonny’s life. 3. The story "And of Clay Are We Created" contains an act of kindness. Carlé has gone to Azucena to cover the dramatic story of her rescue, but, he is unable to maintain his professional objectivity. He joins and then leads the attempts to rescue the girl. Carlé stays beside her for three days and nights to keep her calm. 4. In the end of "Two Kinds" Jing-Mei‘s is sitting down to play the piano and
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Lesson 5- quiz - Lesson 5- quiz 1. The first story in which...

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