Quiz 6 - Quiz 6 | 1. In "The End of the Duel"...

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Quiz 6 | 1. In "The End of the Duel" there is a feud between two nineteenth century Uruguayans. Manuel Cardosa and Carmen Silveira have always hated each other for unknown reasons. After the country drafts them to the army, they fight side by side, but still despise each other. At some point, the enemy captures them, and they are condemned to death. When the captain of the enemy, Juan Patricio Nolan, hears of their feud and proposes a final duel between the two. They will have their throats cut simultaneously and then run as far as they can. Before their throats have been cut, Cardoso remembered a man from Corrientes (a province in Argentina), who used to be a throat-cutter. This man used to comfort the executed people by saying "Women go through far worse when they give birth"- he meant that giving birth is more painful than a throat being cut, and that they should not be nervous. Because if women go go through giving birth, usually more than one time, then they should not worry about pain that is less painful than giving birth. 2. "Girl" is free from a conventional plot- it does not have action. There is no event, or series of events, acted out or told about by the characters or by a third-person narrator outside the action. There is no dialogue in the conventional sense- the story is for the most part one speech delivered by the mother. Neither the characters are conventional: There is no introduction of the characters, and there are only two lines spoken by the listener, the daughter. 3. Two "ladylike" behaviors: “Soak your little cloths right after you take them off”; "Cook pumpkin fritters in very hot sweet oil". The story does not specify what a "slut-like" behavior is, but we can understand this is a behavior that is opposite to the directions of hot to be a lady: “Try to walk like a lady and not like the slut I know you are so bent on becoming”; "This is how to hem a
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Quiz 6 - Quiz 6 | 1. In "The End of the Duel"...

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