quiz3 - PSTL 1371 Lesson 3, Quiz - How to discover a...

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PSTL 1371 Lesson 3, Quiz - How to discover a story's theme 1. Cross burned his letters from Martha because he knew it was a senseless gesture (“ Stupid, he thought. Sentimental, too, but mostly just stupid ”); He could not burn away the blame he felt for Lavendar's death (“ Lavender was dead. You couldn't burn the blame ”), and he had the letters memorized anyway. This was his way of burning away his civilian life - this would make him a soldier. After this, he became much more disciplined. He made the decision to be a real leader. 2. While the soldiers wait for the helicopter to carry Lavender’s body away, they smoke his marijuana. They make jokes about Lavender’s tranquilizer abuse and rationalize that he probably was too numb to feel pain when he was shot. In my opinion, this was their way to get a rare bit of ecstatic relief from their obsessive anxiety. Humor and drugs is some of the ways human beings use to forget about anxiety. 3. I found 2 references to the burning of Than Khe: "Afterward they burned Than Khe" , "…Lieutenant Jimmy Cross led his men into the village of Than Khe. They burned everything." It doesn't represent multiple massacres, but only one. First time it talks about Lavendar getting killed. But then next time it talks about how he got killed and then the troops went to burn Than Khe. Then it talks again about his death and Lt. Cross actions. The second time is just the more detailed story. 4.
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quiz3 - PSTL 1371 Lesson 3, Quiz - How to discover a...

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