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Written Assignment 2

Written Assignment 2 - Written Assignment 2 The story where...

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Written Assignment 2 The story where the major elements are used more or less normally is "The White Heron". It is a story about a selfish young man who thinks about his own will and concentrates on the "fancy": “…they’re stuffed and preserved, dozens and dozens of them” (page 732). He tries to take advantage of Sylvia and her grandmother's simple and poor life through offering them money if they could find the white heron. Sylvia knew she would have been awarded much needed money for telling of the bird’s whereabouts, but luckily, she decided it was more important to save the bird’s life. In the story, we can see a large difference between the child Sylvia and the mature Sylvia. Her innocence in putting the heron's life before money shows how, in a short time, Sylvia has grown. Many people would have given away the location of the bird in return for a sum of money. Also, her relationship with nature was much stronger than any human connections she had up to this point in her life. This aided her in her decision, since she
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