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wrriten assignment 6 - Written assignment 6 This assignment...

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Written assignment 6 This assignment explores Conventional Versus Experimental of the following five stories: "Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid, "Women from America" by Bessie Head, "Civil Peace" by Chinua Achebe, "Night Woman" by Edwidge Danticat, and "The End of the Duel" by Borges. There are two contrasting categories in which we can classify the five stories in this lesson: They can be realistic and conventional in tone, subject matter and structure, or experimental, symbolic and surrealist. I will start with the stories that match the latter category: In "The End of the Duel" is an experimental story: Borges tells this story after hearing it from someone else, and he also mentions that in the story: ". ..the son of Uruguayan novelist told me the story. .. (p. 181). We also know that this story is symbolic, because on page 1465, Borges speaks about this story and shares with us his thoughts about the end of the story: "This is what always happens: We never know whether we are victors or whether we are defeated". By saying that, he does not speak about victory or defeat in the literal way, but in the figurative way: Once we die, we don't have a label of "winner" or "loser". Kincaid's “Girl” is experimental; it is not a typical conventional story. it lacks a specific plot and has only little character development: It does not have characters in the conventional sense, and it does not have action in the conventional sense. There is no event, or series of events, told about or acted out by the characters or by a narrator outside the story. The story is for the most part one speech told by the mother. The mother speaks in the first person: We know that because she uses "I" when she
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wrriten assignment 6 - Written assignment 6 This assignment...

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