BEH2256CP[1] Personality Assessment

BEH2256CP[1] Personality Assessment - There are four...

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There are four different ways psychologists use to assess personality. First, there is the personal interview; the purpose of an interview is to gain information from the interviewee. An unstructured interview is exactly what it is named after, unstructured. The questions are not predetermined; questions are spontaneous and arise during the course of conversation, with some questions followed by additional questions on the topic. A structured interview has predetermined questions in a specific order, which is not deviated from. Personal interviews are used in determining psychodynamic, humanistic, and social learning theories of personality. Second, there is direct observation. Direct observation can become time-consuming and expensive to achieve results that could be misinterpreted. Most people have a tendency to act differently if they know they are being watched or observed, which could alter the observer’s interpretation of the observation. Direct observation is used in determining social learning
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BEH2256CP[1] Personality Assessment - There are four...

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