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Conference 1 Answers

Conference 1 Answers - 1 Ling 201 Introduction to...

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1 Ling 201: Introduction to Linguistics 1 st Conference: Phonetics 1 – Solution ________________________________________________________________________ 1. Phonetic Symbol Practice: In each of the following lists of symbols, one symbol does not belong to the phonetically-defined class of the others. Indicate which symbol this is and describe the remaining symbols in the list, using standard phonetic terms, as introduced in the lectures. For some of these questions, there is more than one possible correct answer, as indicated. a. [ i e A U u ] tense vowels [ i e A U u ] non-low vowels b. [ aj oe ow ej ] diphthongs [ aj oe ow ej ] unrounded vowels c. [ i u o O ] round vowels (or back vowels) [ i u o O ] tense vowels d. [i r u a ¸ ) u ) a ) ] vowels e. [t k g N] velars [t k g N ] (oral) stops f. [p t d k] voiceless stops g. [r l w j i ] approximants 2. Transcription Errors: Consonants: Find the errors in the broadly transcribed words below. In each word, there is one error among the consonants. Indicate the error, and write the correct symbol in the brackets provided.
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