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Conference 2 Answers - 1 Ling 201: Introduction to...

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1 Ling 201: Introduction to Linguistics 2 nd Conference: Phonetics and Phonology Solution ________________________________________________________________________ I. Narrow Transcription: Narrowly transcribe the following words/phrases as you normally pronounce them. Don’t forget to indicate stress. You need only be concerned with the allophonic detail covered on the Phonetics slides. a. ‘cost assessment’ [ k h A!st ´sE~sm´)nt ] ( I ) E! I) or no V b. ‘healty living is good’ [ hE!l1Ti lI!vI)N Iz g w U!d ] I~ ´ c. ‘extraction possibilities’ [ “/‘Ikstr9o!kS´)n p h A~s´bI!lI|iz ] ´ I) A! ´ A t or no V d. ‘private school tuition’ [ p h r9a!jv´t sk w u~l t wh u“w‘I!S´)n ] I u! I) or no V e. ‘pool your funds’ [ p wh u!l j´r fø)!n“d‘z ] or no V
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2 II. Phonology Problems Background Information: From Phonology 2 Slides: (1) Complementary Distribution : Allophones of a phoneme are in complementary distribution when they occur in different (non-overlapping) environments. (2) Natural Class : A group of segments which can be uniquely defined as sharing one or more articulatory (or acoustic) properties. The segments which undergo a rule should form a natural class; the segments which cause the change should also form a natural class. 1. Fricatives in Korean: The following data from Korean reveal that [s] and [ S ] are allophones of a single phoneme. [ Sinho ] ‘signal’ [ us ] ‘upper’ [ maSi ] ‘delicious’ [ son ] ‘hand’ [ Sihap ] ‘game’ [ sEk ] ‘colour’ [ sOm ] ‘sack’ [ sos´l ] ‘novel’
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Conference 2 Answers - 1 Ling 201: Introduction to...

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