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lec5_4 - The homozygous recessive genotype at the H locus...

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Unformatted text preview: The homozygous recessive genotype at the H locus is epistatic to (masks) the I“ and ‘ In alleles at the ABO locus. f M _ N J. ‘H k 07' i iplp'fiim X I ‘ .5 : 159 b L-We/t 1"“ I’T'ts‘“ 2 B. Introduction to Polygenes and Multifactorial Inheritance: Inheritance involving multiple interacting factors __ gem-m Parana, m‘m‘w h—S Mm 3"“ . . .. Polygenetic Inheritance: When more than one gene contributes to the phenotype. Multifactorial (complex) Inheritance: Involves an interaction between gene(s) and the environment. single gene + environment = Multifactorial Mendelian Trait ‘g multiple genes + environment = Multifactorial Polvgenic Trait _M,-u %\ ‘ Alzknexm, cancer, WW *‘ chime; WWW: fiOV‘QOHO‘" “WW-"‘W‘ C. Genetic Heterogeneity: When difi‘erent genes produce the same phenotype 1. Overview “'0 "D E MAID“ - 'eo’x A «I—Be" s —_—U“ " C-——>Ei b MD?WQ -\ ...
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