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lec5_5 - 2 Example Inheritance of Deafness in...

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Unformatted text preview: 2. Example: Inheritance of Deafness in Humans. -_ _ ""52 cinFFCX‘En-t Farm“: at: -&2r0LG'Y‘Q3§J each museofi (91.3 momggo.‘ ' MA at 01AFW" 36M- All deaf progeny. If both have mutation in the same gene: as x aa= all a (deat) No deaf progeny: Ifthe parents had mutations in different genes aafifi 3: Mb!) = all AaBb (hearing) 3. Complementation ngcwj M ”0+ MPKCUS W PM“? {>W‘Q’San"? m MAL \oCme-i—‘il inmcem W* M WwWV“ W“; m wPWJ‘ teem-Smmmrwk III Violating Mendel's Law of Independent Assortment: Genetic Linkage- Genes that are located on the same chromosome tend to he inherited together - A. Review of Independent Assortment I. I I AaBb meiosis = AB, ah, Ab, aB (figure 3.10) bf eaves”? ii ((213 39W ’ The expected phenotypic ratio is 9:3:3:1 0G a c: no“ 0 P Elia Rio X Act 81, 01A*E>"53 A~H=1'3mE-— :- amok, B. Assortment oi Linked-r Genes 1 Two possibifitie for meiosis in a dihyhrid (AaBb) individual Where the A an genes are linked such that AB and ab are on separate homologues (figure 2.17) .. no, - PGWMAI “*" fab- fi {0 ,-lS_ RMM‘O‘W”+ #9.; P W“ AB and ab— parental Ab and aB= recombinant ) Wang 9W : L1": égy‘lwg Moe/(j 59:qu Chm Mjm) ...
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