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lec6_2 - C Modes of Inheritance Autosomal recessive...

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Unformatted text preview: C. Modes of Inheritance Autosomal recessive Autosomal dominant X-linked recessive X—linkcd dominant Y—linked Mitochondrial 111. Inheritance patterns (depicted in pedigrees) for human traits affected by a single gene A. Autosomal Recessive Traits: only homozygous recessive individualsdisplay the trait 1. Patterns of inheritance: -P0wWV‘J“3 of. Saw \chciA/alf 0w: anuen 0»; (Me aw WM: a-JANL .mtlr com Sb”? (39W ’0‘“ ekk‘xfllflm 3C; 2 Qi‘W qufini-S are Q‘Q.‘€C'C€‘9{ *CQUGUNB KKQV‘Q’S$QA [A E 3 07‘3 2. Pedigree (figure 4.5) ...
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