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lec11_7s - 3‘ The was a human(figure 9.11[nu-um manic...

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Unformatted text preview: 3‘. The was a! human (figure 9.11, [nu-um manic link) 69 Ar ‘l‘lmee stages: Inilinfinn. Elongation and Ten-human / fig, (590/ mm: mum. ml]! mun-m «mudmungmm 9 (carrying Met) cone War the lug: ribooomfl subunit cater! to mm m complete ‘ complex. Note the 2 Ill-ding sites in the ribnuome for the MA: (PA). Elam steps: a) mama clan the A site Wrepfidehondhmaflon Q MW. adds: gokmdcx #031ng é are, mmicfim w/ JrRQK [IAMH 7k SHE d M {‘msa’flL‘ c) Wol=hmRNA mount-1m lln I'lbolome d)AnnlhertRNA-&Aolunmdtlemnpuu. Tea-ninth: Ammurmmamananmmmmm, "Insult. ...
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