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lec_1 - a.0_‘“¥€a(59 Tum'bnme5:fix meme ‘vn 0...

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Unformatted text preview: a .0? _\_‘“¥€a (59%- . . \' \_- . \ Tum 'bnme5 :fix meme ‘vn 0 dm (Nab) imm'dm mew-1W Acme: QMMWWed. mch-Pmi-NP; onri‘ofi one én a W chwa3_ M5 and mo ‘ vm‘en’rm’ -- - -._ _ No and ear Wfi‘r‘ '- _-: m weave, war = a“ gamfles W twang w- 4 mumgg \iV-ag gamma ' Lwehneen 02 game) a Exam-tic. Maw mmining m diatohue W mm W (am—mm mmwhmwe meme was on hum 0mm) W’RM‘W 619““ 1 (genes. m. w.- -mm1MLg «Meg w“‘ QWN‘OW (MM, weir we mm .W\ me {Wants 0% wwbrmim m Aha manna? Ween- 1 aim “Wed 091123 (Unfi‘b 0% diam-1&1 rm? un\*§LW0%\’me6(mb-71°lowmymam 95m ' “ \Iitlmh'ns W's \au: 0% Seqmapdfim = .. WWW-Me We \ocmdonw X a: ‘1 ohm xx- {lame [W 0W3 91:1 almme- (mi W dbmmW X‘ \mhed. 00x13. m mm W (o m1 cap-gab mqlwfi: Wm 'Omrd' W MmuwgSeWed wldfib °W%ou3 {Eur 314'de 0009:; onw- mm m wpu 0% exam-.- mum mated an Wei 2; mt?- a>FW c’m‘ifi or“ '9 paw-4. W\Y"q \wa'Eal'UM {O'fiifi'hd flu. G‘D‘WMH' W“ and (SN? {JOHN-1mm W W ' 13‘ MN x 90- .- ‘El an (an an.) dominant WONpe\ F9 1M 2M \aa (.51 davn‘m'd' flare-93w Wm grew cm queue. M awe meme ...
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