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Amniocentesis – prenatal diagnosis chromosomal abnormalities, fetal infections, genetic abnormalities. Biopower – practice of modern states and regulation of subjects – body control – Foucault – practices of public health Climacterium – bodily/psychic changes accompanying transition from middle life to old age (menopause) critical medical anthropology – critical theory in consideration of political economy of health, effect of social inequality on health; culture histories over biomedical, social explanation of health analysis cross cultural psychiatry – psychiatry dealing with cultural/ethnic context of mental disorders and psychiatric services cultural influence disease dis-ease – wellness, does not empower health issues by focusing on ailments. Places emphasis on natural state of “ease” imbalance/disruption dualism embodiment healthism – ideological constructs health/medicine. hidden transcripts HRT – hormone replacement therapy (androgen replacement therapy also; older men counter effects of aging or testicular function loss) illness illness narratives inflammation – bodys response to harmful stimuli intersex - intermediate or atypical combinations of physical features that usually distinguish female from male intersubjective – subjectivity/objevtivity between IVF – in vitro fertilization – egg cells fertilized by sperm outside of body, infertility treatment Konenki – lock. Japanese, menopause 40-60yrs. Body loses balance, regeneration/renewal Liberdade – district in peru local moral worlds – shift of assumptions and transformation in relational context medicalization – human conditions and probs defined and treated as medical conditions and probs. Doctors want to diagnose/treat. mindful body – scheper-hughes neurasthenia – condition with symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, headache, neuralgia, depression – psychiatric disorder organ transfer pap smear political economy Psychosomatic – bodily symptoms caused by mental/emotional disturbance Qi – energy flow every living thing has Qigong – physical/mental training for health qigong deviation reproduction security sickness social constuction somatization – tendency to experience and communicate somatic distress in response to psychosocial stress and seek medical help for it somatopsychic – effects of body on mind SOS Corpo SRY – sex determining region Y, gene on y chromosome determines sex suffering testocentric third gender – neither male or female technocratic birth – medical births. Oppose supervalue nature and natural bodies. Technological deconstruction of birth=harmful and dangerous. Davis-floyd triangle of interests becker – managing an uncertain illness trajectory in old age: patients’ and physicians’ views of stroke uncertainty feature of chronic illness trajectory
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anth134-midterm - study guide

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