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Brain death syndrome – lock, concept challenged in courts during early 1970s in north America. Donor’s families who sue transplant surgeons for being responsible for relative death. Doctors aren’t prosecuted, but surgeons are. Routinization of syndrome kokoro cadaveric donor body – donating dead body to science OPO Fetishized body parts Xenotransplantation Collective repression Rebirthday Global trafficking Biosociality Biopolitics Biopower Kidney vikkams Flexible ethics vs. purgatorial ethics Bioavailability Live organ donation Trickle down technology Rachel Carson MCS Allergy theories Expert knowledge Polysymptomatic Illth Epidemiological transition Liberation theology MDRTB Cultural relativism Gasto Maternal behavior Alto mothering ADA Passing Disability studies Normative bodies disability prosthesis Invisible disabilities Chronic pain CROs Ethical variability Drug pipeline Ethical variability Tuskogee Ethical imperialism Helsinki declaration Regulatory regimes Biological citizenship Structural violence Agency Subject formation Margaret lock. Death in technological time: locating the end of meaningful life Technologically manipulated death – japan and north America. Brain death is actual death, doctors say – institutionalization and legitimization in north America; in japan, death is social – Japanese oppose scientific death. Nature vs culture Surgeon officially declared dead – revives four minutes later. Does death mean no pulse or blood pressure? And a flat cardiogram? Bizarre- people coming back to life. Medical mistakes in declaring death. Deep coma and brain death are not the same. Doctors left confused? – ex: 79 year old brain dead after heart operation, about to be taken off life support and receive last rites – but sat up when 2 yr grandson came. Brain scans “almost” no activity, thought irreparable brain damage. 576 Death is “nature” – “nature” socially constructed – death is reconstructed. Nature is “out there” – uncontrovertible, scientifically analyzable, distinct from society/social relations “nature” establishes moral order (577) 1960s – created artificial respirators kept brain-dead alive; bodies = shells. Death clarified in “technologically advanced” nations. At the same time, organs were harvested from braindead to use on other patients.
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Other countries interested, not meant to be international Life and death are routinized across north America/Europe to make them scientifically deducible and verifiable categories -> makes them indisputable beyond professional medical circles. Japanese -> organ harvest draws concern. Death is just social. Biologica/cognitive status second important. Shortage of human organs – concerns – do doctors care about braindead patients or give them as much care because they may not have
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anth134-final - study guide

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