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silkroadguide2 - Epic Arranged folklore Tashkari/ichkari...

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Epic Arranged folklore Tashkari/ichkari Estrada Popular music On ikki maqam – “the twelve modes” from xinxiang region Rhythm Nomad Heterophony Nola Folk music Art music Usul – from xinxiang region Melisma - Group of notes sung to a single syllable Syllabic movement Saarmagijih Neume Pentatonic Temperament Estrad Folklorization Cipher notation Heptatonic Equal temperament Regions Kazakhistan Uzbekistan Important dates 1917 (Uzbek, Mongolia – Soviet Russia) 1949 (Xingiang, China – China) 1950 (Tibet – China) 1959 (Tibet) 1989 (China) 1991 (Uzbek, Mongolia – Soviet Russia) 1917 – Bolshevik revolution 1950 – China invaded Tibet 1959 – Tibet uprising that caused Buddhist monks to leave/dalai lama exile 1989 – Tianenmen square important people Girls Dutar Ensemble (Uzbek) Maqam Ensemble (Uzbek) - after soviet rule, western influences mixed into traditional performances Yul duz Uzamonova (Uzbek) - foremost (older) singer from Uzbekistan, referred to as the Madonna as Uzbek, popular but sings more in traditional style Sevara Nazarkhan (Uzbek) - younger woman famous from Uzbekistan, noted for nola (pitch-bending) style, world music singer Boris Smirnov (Mongolia)
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- important in Mongolia’s music scene, bringing Western classical music to blend in Mongolian traditional music Ariunaa (Mongolia) - Mongolian Madonna, popular and sound is pop Yunchen Lamo (Tibet) - pop singer from Tibet but can’t go back because of a political position (sings for freeing of Tibet), associated with world music Dadawa (Tibet) - pop singer actually Chinese by birth but adopted Tibet customs
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silkroadguide2 - Epic Arranged folklore Tashkari/ichkari...

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